About US


Go Solar’s fear of being clichéd is what fuels our solar innovation. With a cultural mix of un-match-able talent, we at Go Solar Solutions brings to you the best of what we call ‘the energy of today, for a reliable tomorrow’. Go Solar brings to you personalized solar solutions that are crafted to perfection for gratifying the energy consumption unique to your requirements.

The theory of our solar science is what inspires Go Solar; it is the practicality of its applicability that brings us to you. Go Solar has consistently optimized the channelization of expenses that define the way our clients interact with electricity. Go Solar brings to you a product that boasts not only of being economical but also is remarkably efficient in the way it occupies your invaluable space.


Applying a prismatic spectrum of innovative solar engineering acquired from an unparalleled solar photovoltaic technology by building sustenance that reiterates to a greener tomorrow.


Leading trends in solar photovoltaic engineering that act as a foundation in the inception of a future fueled by environmentally responsible decisions.